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  • Co-Teachers of the Year 2014-2015

    Roderika Ballard and David Belloc 

    Ms. Ballard

    Mr. Belloc  


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  • Co-Employees of the Year 2014-2015

    Kendy Gamez & Richard Thorpe

    Ms. Gamez  
    Mr. Thorpe  
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School Info


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    School Hours
    7:30 AM - 2:45 PM
    Students are tardy if they are not in class by 7:30 AM
    Please arrive at school no later than 7:25 AM.
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  •  English Classes for Adults
    Lake Worth ISD is offering classes to help district families learn to speak English. Classes will be on Thursdays beginning October 8, 2015. More information is available here.
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  •  Clases de Inglés para Adultos
    Lake Worth ISD está ofreciendo clases para ayudar a las familias del distrito aprenden a hablar Inglés. Las clases se impartirán  los jueves iniciaran el 8 de octobre 2015. Más información está disponible aquí.
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  • LCMS Student Creed
    I am a Collins Middle School student.
    I have GREAT EXPECTATIONS for myself.
    I accept the challenge to be the best.
    Mistakes are behind me, successes are before me.
    I am here to learn!
    I will do everything to keep the teacher teaching.
    I will respect and cooperate with all involved in my positive educational journey.
    By behaving this way, I am capable of connecting and contributing.
    I accept the challenge.
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  • LCMS Classroom Standards
    Be in class on time and ready to participate.
    Bring all supplies every day.
    Kindness is a priority, respect people and their property.
    Follow directions the first time they are given.
    Gum is not allowed.
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Meet the Staff

  • Jerilyn Broadway

    Mrs. Broadway

    I started at LWISD 23 years ago as the computer lab manager at the OLD original Howry when all we had in the way of computers was Apple IIE’s.. YES that was LONG time ago. I know you remember that too!!!

    I went to TCC in the 80’s when it was called TCJC.. life got in the way so I never actually finished or got a degree

    I was in Band in Jr and in HS and played clarinet , I also did track in Jr High and have been a life long bullfrog!

    My hobbies are apparently never learning from my mistakes… J… fishing, kayaking, boating, skeet shooting, teaching handgun safety, camping, dancing and playing with my goat babies.

    Fun facts about me are that I am obsessed with zombies  and the walking dead TV show and I have monster crush on Daryl…

    It’s been a wild and never boring 23 years at the beautiful LWISD but I think I’m about done.. so I am retiring in January 2016……..where I will start my  next career move by teaching concealed handgun classes to woman… while working part time at the local Gander Mountain sporting goods store… but I shall miss all of you.


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